Review of Strange Bedfellows at Black Gate

24 Mar

Review of Strange Bedfellows at Black Gate


Not a lot of money in writing

22 Jan

Not a lot of money in writing

A recent poll in Digital Book World reveals that most writers make less than $1000 a year. I suppose the good news is that 10% of hybrid authors (who publish both traditionally and self publish) make more than $40K. It’s a long haul to a middle class income.


How Books Get Bought

17 Jan

How Books Get Bought

Of course in the case of Bundoran Press everything is decided by one person sitting around a dim light but the fights over marketing and editorial approaches are just as intense.


Right to Know Review

4 Jan

Right to Know Review

A nice review from the venerable SFRevu web-site. One of the many places you can buy it.


Co-operative publishing

27 Dec

Co-operative publishing

An interesting alternative to both traditional and self-publishing models. It will be interesting to see if it can succeed in the long-run. It’s not as new as the article would have you believe. James Joyce was originally published by a co-operative.


Crazy Writing Stories

21 Dec

Crazy Writing Stories

For those who sometimes feel that to keep writing is an act of madness;sometimes madness is a good thing.


Everybody wants to be a publisher

16 Nov

Everybody wants to be a publisher

Contrary to expectations, Mr. Jeter didn’t say that he would remain in publishing until all his baseball money is spent.


Things to look for in Small Presses

30 Oct

Things to look for in Small Presses

Pretty tough analysis of what makes a good small press. We try to live up to a similar standard at Bundoran Press.


Dan O’Driscoll — Artist

14 Oct

Dan O’Driscoll — Artist

Dan has produced a number of covers for Bundoran Press. Take a look and enjoy.