It’s not quite the end!

20 Apr

While I have your attention…

The Bundoran Buddies Sci-Fi Bundle 2 is into its final few days over at I’d like to thank everyone who bought a bundle so far and encourage those who think they might like to expand their science fiction library to go take a look. It costs nothing to look and if you like what you see, it doesn’t really cost much to buy. You can get 4 books for as little as $5 and all twelve for as little as $15. Of course, if you’re feeling generous, you can pay a little more and even make a contribution to a great charity.

Science fiction spans all of space and time but the community that produces it is pretty tight-knit. It’s great to promote the authors we’ve published at Bundoran Press but it’s even nicer to bring together some of our friends in the community to share in the process. But why stop there? There are some other great bundles available for both science fiction and fantasy fans as well as gamers, so head on over to to check them out.

Supporting the arts, supporting small businesses, helping people less fortunate than ourselves is one of the best ways we can get through the current crisis with as many of us still alive and well as possible to enjoy life once it gets back to normal. So, keep washing your hands, stay home as much as you can, practice social distancing, listen to health care professionals, wear masks, and stay calm and carry on. The life you save may be your mother, or your best friend, or even your own.

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