The Value of Story Bundles

26 Jan

For readers, especially avid readers, the value of a story bundle is obvious. You get 12 books for $15 (a few more if you are feeling flushed and generous). Each book arrives on your e-reader for less than the price of a (cheap) cup of coffee. Even if you are one of those book-a-day readers, that’s 12 days of reading pleasure. For those of us who read a book a week – you get 3 months of entertainment for half the price of Netflix. That’s a pretty good value.

But there is more to it than that. Some of the authors you may already know and like but others may be new to you. One of them might become your next favorite writer.

Our story bundle is all science fiction. That may not be your favorite genre but at this price, you can take a chance. Maybe you’ll find you like a certain sub-genre (near-future or space opera or SF mysteries). Even if you only like three of the books it is still a fairly good deal. And maybe your partner or parent or child will like a different three.

But of course, readers aren’t the only one who benefit from the bundle; writers benefit, too. Each book is allocated a share of the proceeds. For writers who own their ebook rights (some of those in this bundle do), that can result in a nice little pay day. No-one is getting rich but, if the bundle does really well, it might buy groceries for a month or even two or pay the rent. Writers incomes have been falling steadily over the last ten years and every bit helps keep writers writing rather than thinking about day jobs. Which means more books for readers.

Even when book rights are held by publishers, the writer is still entitled to a share and getting a royalty cheque in the spring is always something every writer looks forward to. The more bundles that sell, the bigger that cheque will be.

As for publishers, the income from story bundles can mean the difference between losing money and breaking even, or, heaven forbid, making a little profit. When distribution is difficult and expensive, story bundle cash means that Bundoran Press can keep its publishing schedule intact and keep buying new books for future years. Without it, the future – as much as we like to have a conversation with it – can seem mighty bleak.

And, if all that wasn’t enough, some of the money goes to worthwhile charities—mostly meant to support young writers so that future readers will always have something to read.

So check out the Bundoran Buddies Science Fiction Story Bundle at But do it soon, because it is only here until January 31st.

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