Interview with Jennifer Rahn

15 Jan

A great bundle of science fiction books is currently being offered at, consisting of six titles from Bundoran Press and six by some great writers who have befriended the press over the years. As an added bonus, we will be running a series of interviews with the authors about their contribution to the Bundle.

Next up: Jennifer Rahn

Do you have a special routine when you are writing? Time of day? Inspiring music or images? Particular clothing or food/drink?

I usually end up writing early morning when insomnia hits at 2 am, or whenever I can fit in a few minutes during the day. It’s nice to have a mug of lemon tea and potato chips to go along with it, or candy. For music, I usually like to listen to something heavier, like July Talk, Nightwish or Beethoven.

Are you a plotter or a pantser or some combination of the two? Do prefer to writing or re-writing? Do you write every day or when the muse strikes you?

I was a pantser, but found that going back to fix things later is so much more work. Now I’m a plotter. It may not all come at once, and I may end up plotting and writing the first part of a novel before plotting the next, but I find that at least having a skeleton outline makes the entire process go so much more smoothly. I may write everyday for a few weeks at time, but I’m not that consistent about it. I like to ride the wave of motivation that hits now and then.

Do need privacy to do your writing or do you prefer the social ambiance of a coffee shop or writing retreat? How do you balance your writing with the rest of your life?

I have a day job and a four-year-old, so periodic insomnia aside, I don’t often have the luxury of privacy or going out to spend the afternoon in a coffee shop. I do, however, have dual monitors on my computer, so sometimes I’ll end up having my daughter sitting on my lap, watching Bob the Train on one screen, while I write on the other.

What aspects of writing do you find easiest (character, plot, setting) and which are your biggest struggle?

Characters come easily for me. Once I “see” them and catch hold of their personality, it all just flows. Setting is also easy. Plotting and logic are certainly where I need to make the most improvements. I get the support I need from an extremely logical engineer husband (Chris), and a very accomplished editor (Hayden).

If you could give one piece of advice to a budding writer, what would it be?

Learn from every experience and use what you learn to keep upping your game.


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