A New Year Post from the Press with the Most

1 Jan

Welcome to 2019 — the last teen year you will ever need (unless immortality is right around the corner). Is that science fiction enough for you?

Speaking of which, the very first Bundoran Press publication, “The Best of Neo-Opsis,” appeared in 2006. So, sometime this year, we will officially enter our teenage-hood. We promise not to be surly (much) or spend too long locked in the bathroom.

We also promise to bring you the best of Canadian science fiction. After publishing just one book (Driving Ambition by Fiona Moore) in 2018, we will bring out four new novels this year from Al Onia (his fourth with the press), Jennifer Rahn (her second), Brad C. Anderson (his debut novel) and Ryan T. McFadden (his first with the press). Ryan’s book is the first of a planned duology, with the second coming out in early 2020. We don’t have an anthology planned for 2019 but watch this space, plans could change.

We also have a new web-site, which you might want to bookmark if you haven’t already done so. It is the primary source of print books though we are also regularly carried by Bakka-Phoenix in Toronto, Novel Idea in Kingston, Sentry Box and Owl’s Nest Books in Calgary and The YK Book Cellar in Yellowknife. We are also stocked by the travelling bookstore, Myth Hawker. We hope to add additional brick and mortar stores this year.

Speaking of Owl’s Nest, they will be hosting the launches of Al Onia’s The Sixth Helix and Jennifer Rahn’s Dark Corridor on May 23rd. Hope to see all my Calgary friends there. We will have an announcement soon about a Vancouver launch for Duatero by Brad C. Anderson. Ryan’s first book will be launched at CanCon in Ottawa next October.

The other big development is the imminent launch of more audio books. The Steele Chronicles by Hayden Trenholm and Fall from Earth by Matthew Johnson have been available for several years but 2019 will see a slew of new titles–we currently have eight titles in production and hope to have the rest of our novels contracted soon.

In a little more than a week, Story Bundle will be offering the Bundoran Book Buddies Bundle with 6 of our titles and six books by some notable SF writers who have befriended us over the years. Watch for further news next week.

Well, time to get back to editing…

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