Bundled Up With Friends

25 Apr

I’ve got a lot of ties to the current e-book bundle at Story Bundle (which you really should have bought by now). I’ve already talked about my relationship with Darusha Wehm – whose book I edited and whom I first met in person in London, England at World Sf Convention after her book came out. We’ve seen each other in person a few other times but most of our contact is by e-mail or social media.

I also described my relationship to the other writers in the fabulous anthology Strangers Among Us. Some I’ve known some for a couple of years and others for a couple of decades (Edward Willett sang at my wedding). Most I see once or thrice a year at conventions or other literary and social events while maintaining contact through Facebook and the like. The same can be said for a couple of the other writers in the bundle.

The exception is Robert Sawyer whose Factoring Humanity was a Hugo Award finalist and who is one of only 3 writers I have read everything they ever published. So I was a big fan of his before I first invited him to teach at the Imaginative Fiction Writers Association workshop in 1995. We’ve since been fast friends and spend time together whenever we can. We’ve even dedicated books to each other.

But I want to emphasize that I was a fan of his work before I ever met him – and I remain a fan to this day and consider myself fortunate to also be a friend.

Factoring Humanity is a great book and like all Rob’s books delves deep into the human condition and asks profound questions about the impact of technology on society and individuals. This book has it all: messages from outer space, AI, neuroscience and a rollicking good story. If you haven’t read it, it would be worth buying the bundle just for that.

But wait, there’s more. Factoring Humanity is bundled up with 11 other books which you can get for as little as $15US.

What are you waiting for?

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