New Anthology

22 Jul

Science Fiction is our conversation with the future. But what if we’re talking with alien voices? Bundoran Press Publishing House will open for submissions from September 15th, 2014 to January 15th, 2015 for a new anthology of science fiction stories to be edited by Michael Rimar and Hayden Trenholm.

Second Contacts seeks stories which explore what happens fifty years after first contact, for us, for them, for our shared future. The possibilities are endless — conquest, collaboration, assimilation, or, even abandonment. On Earth, in space, or on alien planets, what will happen to individuals and societies after two generations or more of staring into alien eyes?

Payment for first world English rights (print and digital) will be $0.02 a word to a maximum payment of $130.00 (all figures Canadian dollars). Our preferred length is 3500 to 6500 words. We will accept stories of any length to 10,000 words but the maximum payment will remain $130.00. A limited number of reprints (please query before submitting) may be purchased at a flat rate of $50. Payment on publication.

Check out web-site for how to submit.

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