Freedom comes in several forms

11 Jul

“Freedom defined strictly as individual freedom tends to see itself as an escape from the constraints of community life – constraints necessarily implied by consideration for the nature of a place; by consideration for the needs and feelings of neighbors; by kindness to strangers; by respect for the privacy, dignity, and propriety of individual lives; by affection for a place, its people and its nonhuman creatures; and by the duty to teach the young….
A community confers on its members the freedoms implicit in familiarity, mutual respect, mutual affection, and mutual help; it gives freedom its proper aims; and it prescribes or shows the responsibilities without which no one can be legitimately free, or free for very long.”

– Wendell Berry

What does this have to do with writing and publishing? I’m not sure yet but it seems that the current approaches of endless competition and the obsession with ‘free’ is not working for writers — or many others in the publishing world. Free or almost free to the consumer means poverty for creators and workers and, oddly enough, enormous wealth for those who do nothing but deliver the goods.

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