Second Contacts — 7 more great reasons

30 May

From Mike Rimar, Associate Publisher of Bundoran Press

I get it. I really do. There is a saturation of crowd-funding. A book, a painting, a movie, a redesigned key fob, everywhere you look there is another crowd-funding project asking for your money. People are learning to filter them out like infomercials.

So what makes Second Contacts different from others?

1. A promise that every penny raised will go into this anthology, raising the pay rates to professional level and quality cover art. The anthology is already a go. We just want to give contributing authors fair value for their stories, and readers the best science fiction stories possible.

2. 100% open submission, not 1 slot or two slots after professional invites. Every story submitted gets equal weight. No favorites. Only the best of the best stories will be accepted.

3. Hayden Trenholm is an award winning editor and writer with multiple anthologies already under his belt.

4. Mike Rimar is an award nominated author.

5. Bundoran Press. We’re fully Canadian owned and have a proven track record with a number of our past publications nominated and winning awards.

6. Anthologies are the perfect medium for the daily commuter as most stories can be enjoyed and finished while riding the bus or train to work.

7. The theme is spiffy.

So, please donate so we can make this thing happen.

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