Seven Amazing Reasons to Support Our Anthology, ‘Second Contacts”

21 May

Have you been sitting on the fence, wondering why you should fund our Indiegogo project or for how much? Well, wonder no longer!

  1. Of the 14 eligible books published by Bundoran Press to the end of 2013, six have been nominated for the Canadian SF Aurora Award and one has been shortlisted for the Sunburst Award. The anthology, Blood and Water, won an Aurora in 2013.
  2. Hayden Trenholm, co-editor of Second Contacts (and editor of both Blood and Water and Strange Bedfellows), won two Aurora Awards for his own short fiction; Mike Rimar, the other co-editor, was a finalist in the Writers of the Future contest.
  3. Strange Bedfellows, published in March 2014, was partially funded through an Indiegogo project. It contained 18 stories from 7 countries and paid the writers 5.5 cents/word. Contributors included Nebula winner, Eugie Foster, and Nebular nominee, Katie Sparrow.
  4. Second Contacts will pay writers 7 cents a word — guaranteeing submissions from some of the best short fiction writers in the world today.
  5. The cover art of Second Contacts will be rendered by two-time Aurora-winning artist, Dan O’Driscoll. Posters featuring that art is one of the perks for funding the Indigogo project.
  6. Not satisfied with a poster? A higher level perk will be a t-shirt featuring that very same art!
  7. The Indiegogo funding drive ends on June 8 — just two days after the 15th anniversary of Bundoran partners, Hayden Trenholm and Liz Westbrook-Trenholm becoming a couple. What better way to celebrate!

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