Finding the Fun

10 Apr

I spent last weekend at Ad Astra and had a ton of fun. It started by taking a more relaxed approach to the Dealers’ Room. I opened late and closed early each day and I honestly can’t say it cost me any sales. People knew we were there and they had lots of opportunity to buy if they wanted to do so. And we talked to lots of people who may become customers later — so that’s all good. Sharing our table with Robin Riopelle and Marie Bilodeau and having authors Alison Sinclair and Andrew Barton sit in for an hour or two helped take the pressure of me, Liz and Mike. 

I did some programming — some of which reflected my writing life; others, my publishing one. I’ll focus on the latter. On Saturday I joined Adam Shaftoe, Nina Munteanu and Nick Montgomery to discuss the possibility of being a ‘lovable critic.’ It was a great discussion but I think we generally concluded that it was better to be an ‘honest’ and a ‘helpful’ critic, especially if you could avoid being a needlessly sarcastic one. On Sunday I participated in a panel on Crowd Source Funding with Rebecca Simkin and Sunny from Nerd Mafia. You might want to check out Sunny’s articles on the topic.

The big event of the weekend was the Triple Whammy Launch Party where Bundoran Press launched Breakpoint: Nereis by Alison Sinclair and Strange Bedfellows edited by Hayden Trenholm. We were joined by Robin Riopelle who was presenting her book Deadroads from Night Shade Books. Lots of fun with Alison, Robin and Andrew reading and plenty of friends, new and old, in attendance.

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