At SFContario

28 Nov

Well, I’m not there yet but I will be at SFContario tomorrow until Sunday. Besides the Bundoran Press party on Friday night (look for the signs in the hotel), I’ll be taking part in the following panels:

Gardenview Sat. 11:00 AM Science And Politics

In 1964 Adlai Stevenson wrote that Science and Technology are a magic wand that gives us what we desire. The federal government regards science as a one stop shop for industry and a quick source of products for the market. Is it possible for politicians to understand the workings and care about the importance of scientific research and its search for knowledge?

Courtyard Sat. 1:00 PM Myth in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Nordic, Celtic, and Arabic myths have been used frequently in sf and fantasy. Many authors have written stories set in universes based on old myths and religions. To what extent do the myths and the stories based on them have something to tell people of today about the human condition?

Courtyard Sat. 4:00 PM SFContario Idol:

Attendees bring in the first page of their manuscript. A presenter from SFContario will read out the manuscript (anonymously) until a majority of our panel of judges ‘buzz’ the story to a stop. Discussion ensues on why they stopped it, what didn’t work, and what did work. A great exercise in story openings that will provide immediate valuable feedback to the writers.


I’ll be busy trying to finish edits for the next two Bundoran books in any downtime I have — but you’ll probably see me around from time to time. All work and no play and all that.

But no blog this Sunday.

But too keep you happy and busy, here’s a truly fascinating story.

Now why don’t you stop shopping at Black Friday stores and buy a few books here.

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