Table of Contents — Strange Bedfellows

6 Nov

This is the Table of Contents for Strange Bedfellows to be published April 2014. The order might change but this is probably it.

Tried as an Adult                                            by Eugie Foster

Candidate Z                                                    by Conor Powers-Smith

When This Peace Thing Blows Over              by John Skylar

Occupy Asteroid                                             by Trevor Shikaze

The Afternoon Revolution                              by Erica L. Satifka

Three Years of Ash, Twenty Years of Dust   by Andrew Barton

The Shapes of Wrath                                      by Ian Creasey

Gloop                                                              by Gustavo Bondoni

Homebody                                                      by Richard Harland

Capital Punishment                                         by f. f. white

Entangled States                                             by Jay Werkheiser

In Place of Darkness                                       by Elinor Caiman Sands

Blocking                                                          by Juliet Kemp

Point of Ascension                                          by D. A. D’Amico

Changing Body Templates                             by Bogi Takács

Elayen                                                             by Alter Reiss

Why Lily Left                                                 by Katherine Sparrow

Amateur Night at the GlobalMart                  by Craig DeLancey

2 Responses to “Table of Contents — Strange Bedfellows”


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    […] also have a story, “Blocking”, forthcoming in Strange Bedfellows from Bundoran Press. That won’t be out until April 2014 but I am greatly looking forward to […]

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    […] raising funds through an Indiegogo campaign for an anthology of political science fiction called Strange Bedfellows. Both exercise proved successful. We exceeded our fund raising goal and opened for submissions to […]

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