Why You should Vote in the Prix Aurora Awards

19 Aug

I also have a horse in this race — but Matt makes a great argument for voting no matter which work you support.

Matt Moore

[Disclaimer: I’ll state this right up front. I have a short story that is eligible for the Aurora Awards (duh, look at the banner), but that’s  not what this post is about.]

CSFFAAwards are meant to recognize the best of something. But who determines what “the best” is? For a lot of awards, it is a small cadre of experts/professionals. For others, it’s the members of an organization. I am not knocking these awards, but sometimes you see who won an award and think “Did they read the same thing I did?”

Now imagine an award where every fan has an equal voice in picking the winner. Where everyone gets to say what “the best” is. That is the Prix Aurora Award, which honours the best in Canadian speculative fiction and all Canadians can take part.

The Auroras covers a number of categories, including works of fiction, art and…

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