Book Deals

18 Jun

Bundoran Press Publishing House is pleased to announce it has signed book deals with Alison Sinclair of Montreal, Quebec and Al Onia of Calgary, Alberta.

The deal with Alison Sinclair is for two books.  Breakpoint: Nereis and Contagion: Eyre are the first of series of books about a starship on a mission to pick up the pieces after a catastrophic plague that collapsed an interstellar human civilization.

Alison has previously published a number of science fiction novels: Legacies (Millennium (Orion), UK, 1995; HarperPrism, US, 1996), Blueheart (Millennium (Orion), UK, 1996; HarperPrism, US, 1998), and Cavalcade (Millennium (Orion), UK, 1998), and collaborative SF novel Throne Price (with Lynda Williams, Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing, Canada, 2003), and a fantasy trilogy, Darkborn (ROC, US, 2009), Lightborn (ROC, US, 2010), and Shadowborn (ROC, US, 2011). Cavalcade was shortlisted for the Arthur C Clarke award in 1999 and her short story “Suspended Lives”, about a telepresence surgeon, appeared in the Aurora-award winning anthology Space, Inc (edited by Julie Czerneda, DAW, 2003).

Al Onia has agreed to a one-book deal for Javenny Pink (working title), a near-future science fiction novel of first contact and international intrigue.

Al  is a geophysicist whose fiction fiction has appeared in On Spec, The Speculative Edge, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, Spinetingler, eFantasy, Marion Zimmer Bradley and the anthologies Body-Smith 401, North of Infinity and Warrior Wisewoman 3 (his story “The Envoy” was a 2011 Aurora finalist).

Alison Sinclair’s books are scheduled for publication in April 2014 and 2015; Al Onia’s novel will be published in August 2014.


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